Saturday, February 27, 2010

Village Drums of Freedom

Village Drums of Freedom opened February 26, 2010 with a glamorous night fashion. This event, normally the weekend following Carnival, lasts for three nights. However fashion was not the prime presentation of the evening. There was also indigenous food as well as local film presentations. In the past the opening night would traditionally be the portrayal of past presentations. This night however was brought forth by individual presentations. The first segment was choreographed by Ms. Flora-Belle Achee. Ms. Achee said that she has more concepts and ideas that will be presented in the near future. The presentation of the fashion was designed by Mr. Jaumack Pierre. Mr. Pierre lives in the village. The indigenous foods were prepared by Yuri Ballah.

The night was held in memoriam of Mr. Dave Robeson. Mr. Robeson is the first person, within recent memory, to perform the Moko Jumbie as a living art form. As a guest of the Village Drums of Freedom he performed to the rhythms of the ‘village’ drummers. His memory is honored this year.

The opening night presentation was well attended by locals (villagers), invited guests and the few foreigners who came for carnival and have yet to depart. February 27, 2010 is the Reggae Night and February 28, 2010 is the Culture Fest. Drummers, pan soloists and special children’s treat are some of the highlights of Sunday's event. The ‘Villagers’ have taken a special interest in the children by providing games and activities prior to the show.