Monday, October 11, 2010

Is It (The St. James Youth Facility) Ready Yet?

The construction of this magnificent building that is fast becoming an ' elephant ' does no justice to the rationale that gave birth to such a brilliant concept. The Nations’ Youth are hungry for institutions such as the ' Centre ' which can make a difference in their lives. Those on whom the responsibility falls to fulfill their promise should be aware that delaying only increases the possibilities of Young Adults becoming attracted to negative influences. The immediate catchement area for this Facility is of a sizeable proportion. At the last observation by this writer and from conversations with area residents, it appears that the impatience of the youth is winning over and they have started entering the compound in an attempt to use the facility. There can only be negatives from these actions: vandalization, and the chance of property damage are the results of these actions. Considerable monies were spent by the Government to erect this building and the general ' theory ' that prevails of government philosophy is, Government must get as much Bang for their Buck then in this case the Bang should be heard nationwide. St James Times shares the impatience of the Youth and is calling for the speedy opening of this facility. There need not be any grandiose affair because there is little benefit in ' glamour ' in instances such as this. The Centre must be outfitted and made ready for utilization 'post haste'.