Saturday, November 20, 2010

St. James Honours a NEW Icon

St. James Times had the opportunity to interview a new St. James Icon who received a National Award. The Independence Awards that accompanies our celebrations of nationhood had special significance to the people of St. James this 2010 year. Ms. Cynthia M. Toney was awarded the Medal of Merit (bronze) for public service. Ms. Toney, no stranger to high awards (awarded the Golden Poui 1994 by the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago), displayed the proverbial 'cool as a cucumber' as the interview progressed.

Ms. Toney’s award was for public service all well deserved, but her passion is scouting. She indicates that her 'boys' are the inspiration for what she does. Her love of children and adherence to the rules of discipline is evident as she speaks about camping and encouraging respect with good attitudes in both scouts and parents. Strength and honour, two important elements in building good citizens and integral to scouting flows from Ms. Toney. She sets herself as an example to her subordinates and encourages proper leadership. Forty (40) years of scouting has revealed its rewards. Ms. Toney thanks God for the recognition of her work and was happy to see such good work rewarded. Her future is bright. She sees herself continuing on the road of scouting the by-product of which has enriched lives and greater value to the general public.

St. James Times and by extension the St. James community wishes to congratulate Ms. Cynthia M. Toney on her achievement! She has been added to the ranks of St. Jamesanians whose accomplishments serve to demonstrate the quality of talent that abounds in our community. God’s blessings and continue the good work.