Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Future of WeBeat

WeBeat, the visitors have returned to their homes, St. James has resettled into its 'normal' routine and those 'locals' who were there for the (9) days are still reflecting on the good time they had at the Street Party.

We as St. Jamesinans must now address an issue that surfaced over the period of the festival. At the WeBeat dinner, which launches the (9) nine day affair, the Chairman of C.I.C. Mr. Earl Crosby said the future of WeBeat is in a not to good place. Funding for WeBeat was not as generous as previous years and as such for a successful outcome there has to be an immediate infusion of 'monies' if WeBeat were to fulfill the mandate of its 2020 vision.

We at St. James Times are befuddled that in a city of such prosperous entertainment establishments, malls and variety business concerns, who by-the-way benefit handsomely from the festival, wonder how it is that C.I.C is not more vigorously supported on the financial front.

There is a concept that the State should be the primary supporter/sponsor of any and all community activities is a misplaced one. State support is warranted when community groups and local/national business concerns actively support events of this nature. The business concerns in St. James should be encouraged to understand that WeBeat is 'we ting' and if it fails it is a reflection of the disharmony between all parties.

The street has it that WeBeat may not see next year. St. James Times sees this as tragic. This 'street party ' infuses into the local economy a hefty dose of badly needed money and at the same time showcases the diversity of the community.

WeBeat, Points' Boro Day, Centrals Sugar Festival and Tobagos Heritage Festival is all about continuity and community survival. St. James Times has portrayed St. James as a vanguard town and as such the health of WeBeat as a premier event must not be allowed to go the way of the dinosaur. St. James Times is committed to the idea that WeBeat must always be in the St. James landscape and will continue to be an advocate to ensure its survival.