Friday, November 20, 2009

Historical Architecture

The idea to celebrate the “Historical Architecture of St. James” came about as a direct result of the subtle but pronounced changes that are taking place in the community. In most first world countries preservation/restoration receives considerable attention from governmental and private institutions at the communal level. The “Historical Architecture of St. James” was a collaborative effort of Berger T&T, Community Individuals and Mangen. The effort endeavored to save a piece of St. James that would be easily relegated to the ‘junk pile’ or ‘memory’ history.

The famous quotation of yesteryear states that, ‘your future is determined by a knowledge of your past.’ In embracing the concept of the Historical Architecture of St. James we as a community have made a conscious effort to preserve our past which would give way to a future that a younger generation could understand and contribute to.

It is hoped that with this preservation of the past, a spark would be ignited in the younger St. James generation fueling sense of belonging and conviction thereby solidifying St. James’ vanguard status.