Friday, November 20, 2009

Long Circular Mall

Patna Street as far as my memory goes was one of the most sedate streets in St. James. The landmarks on the street at the end of St. James were Auguste Parlour at Brunton Road and Patna Street and “Lidlo” which stretched from Kandahar Street along to Patna Street. There was also a fledgling industrial concern. For all intent and purposes Patna Street was a quiet street for either pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

The passage of time has a way with shaping who and what we are and Patna Street was no exception to the rule. As Trinidad and Tobago developed so did its taste for concepts in shipping and this was reflected in an international flavor. The real estate on Patna Street that was once home to a farm and manufacturing concerns was transformed into one of the largest malls in Trinidad and Tobago if not in the Eastern Caribbean.

The Long Circular Mall, affectionately called ‘The Mall’ by St. Jamesians, is one of our local jewels and presents us and the country with a unique shopping experience. ‘The Mall’ has also brought much more than glamour to St. James. There has been an increase in vehicular traffic making Patna Street another main vehicle thoroughfare. The increased traffic can be an asset to St. James. Hopefully, this real time situation can influence the city planners to introduce legislation that would make for more regulated traffic and parking rules.

The Long Circular Mall is an important asset to St. James and this is realized by the number of business enterprises that have opened along the length of Patna Street. This is good for the economy of St. James and as a result an explosion of commerce can further enhance an already vibrant city. Hats off to ‘The Mall!’