Friday, November 20, 2009

J'Ouvert Jam 2009

St. James J’Ouvert Jam is the result of the Organizing Committee of Mangen [a local NGO] bringing to the community a slice of the carnival celebrations enjoyed primarily in Port-of-Spain. Communities are encouraged by the government to be active participants in the “merry monarchs” short reign. This means that there are changes in the way that Carnival is traditionally celebrated. St. James being no stranger to Carnival Revelry was a natural for this innovation. 2008 saw Mangen's foray into the J’Ouvert scenery with a tribute to a leading calypsonian whose material was to be played by the ‘single pan bands’ of the western region.

2008’s outcome was not totally dramatic but it gave encouragement to make 2009 a successful event, and a successful event it was. There was an increase in J’Ouvert 2009 bands, Ol’ Mas Characters and Single Pan Bands which created the atmosphere of true carnival spirit.

The cornerstone of this venture is the reason D’être for the celebration. Mangen acknowledges individuals who have in some way contributed to and influenced carnival culture locally [St. James] and nationally.

2010 another block in the building of the permanent structure for the St. James J’Ouvert Jam Celebration is already on the way and promises to be an even bigger and better event.