Friday, November 20, 2009

Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day

As we celebrate our 47th Independence Anniversary it may be wise of us as a nation to contemplate one of the most potent sayings of the State of Israel: "Lest we remember saying never again."

On the 31st of August 1962 Independence enshrined in the psyche of our diverse community a new meaning. Our Constitutional wathcords adopted at Independence gave us a sense of vision that would assist us as we traveled toward 1st world status. The pillars of "meaning" and "identity" ensured us that we would never again revert to a dependency state.

Independence is an intangible that is transformed into a tangible and the reality of this tangibility is responsibility for our actions. Trinidad and Tobago's Independence was attained as a result of the endeavours of many powerful individuals. Thereforewe must not be careless with such hard won achievements.

We as a nation have almost overcome all the growing pains associated with achieving 1st world status. However, there are some negative elements of these achievements that have adhered to our nation and are in need of serious attention. The correction of our problems must be solved by a unified Trinidad and Tobago regardless of any differences of opinion, politics or ethnicity.

As we celebrate Independence let us look at what we as a nation have to do to ensure that the Trinidad and Tobago of the future is a true representation of the efforts of 47 years. As we move forward the vision that would have once been hazy in the beginning now presents a picture of absolute clarity.

Happy Independence to all and a hope of a bright future as one nation.